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Operational Cybersecurity 1B: Security & Planning in the Workplace

Especialista en ciberseguridad 
Unidades del curso de orientación profesional

Unit 1: Access Control in a Corporate Context
  • Explain the components that allow a user to be authorized on a network

  • Understand access control models and their uses

  • Recommend policies to protect against third-party vulnerabilities

  • Discuss the 2019 Capital One data breach

Unit 2: Authentication at Work
  • Explain authentication factors

  • Understand how biometrics are used as authentication factors

  • Identify protocols used in network-level authentication

  • Consider the use of single sign-on (SSO) and the implementation of authentication on switches and routers

  • Think about a perfect protocol scenario

Unit 3: Scenarios: Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Explain the need for continuous monitoring

  • Understand the basics of digital forensics

  • Describe the vulnerability scan process

  • Consider the penetration testing process

  • Plan possible post-scan actions

Unit 4: Response & Recovery Planning
  • Identify the difference between incident response and disaster recovery plans

  • Understand the NIST 800-61 incident response framework

  • Identify the steps in the Cyber Kill Chain®, MITRE ATT&CK, and Diamond model frameworks

  • Respond to a mock security incident

  • Conduct a post-incident analysis

Unit 5: Security Awareness & Training
  • Identify security awareness training frameworks

  • Explain various data classification categories

  • List examples of good workplace security habits

  • Consider positive security habits for Sys Admins

  • Understand hands-on learning opportunities in cybersecurity

Unit 6: Ethical Concerns in Cybersecurity
  • Identify different types of computer crimes and their consequences

  • Explain different types of copyright issues in the digital era

  • Understand how to handle data ethically

  • Consider data laws that are in place in the United States

  • Describe best practices concerning ethical behavior on networks and in personal digital activities

Unit 7: Personal Device Security
  • Define different device ownership models

  • Identify various security concerns related to employees bringing personal devices to work

  • Explain the purpose of mobile device management (MDM) platforms

  • List various MDM polices that can be enforced

  • Understand how Cisco Systems selected a new MDM