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Cursos de orientación profesional para oficiales/investigadores

Careers in Criminal Justice 1A

Careers in Criminal Justice 1A: Introduction

Have you ever wondered what steps take place as people as they move through the court system? The criminal justice system is a very complex field that requires dedicated people willing to pursue equal justice for all. Explore different career choices and how the juvenile justice system, the correctional system, and the trial process all work together to maintain social order.


Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind

Why do certain people commit horrible acts? Can we ever begin to understand their reasoning and motivation? Perhaps. The mental state of a criminal can be affected by many different aspects of life: psychological, biological, sociological, all of which have different perspectives and influences. Investigate not only how these variables affect the criminal mind but also how crimes are investigated and handled in the criminal justice system.

Careers in Criminal Justice 1B

Careers in Criminal Justice 1B: Finding Your Specialty

Have you ever thought about a career as a police officer, an FBI or DEA agent, or any occupation that seeks to pursue justice for all? Careers in criminal justice can be found at local, county, state, and federal levels, and even in the private sector. Explore some of the various occupations in this field, while simultaneously learning how they interact with each other and other first responders. Discover various interviewing techniques to uncover the truth. Understand the importance of making ethical decisions, and how you need to keep your sense of right and wrong in check to be successful in this field.


Forensics: The Science of Crime

Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. Law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Explore techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation (CSI). Starting with how clues and data are recorded and preserved, you’ll follow evidence trails until the CSI goes to trial in the criminal justice system, examining how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed and processed.

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