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Cursos de orientación profesional para administradores de consultorios médicos

Medical Terminology 1A

Medical Terminology 1A: Introduction

Learning the language is essential for careers in health science. Join word parts to form medical terms, associations within body systems, and better communicate with colleagues and patients. Build your proficiency and confidence with this course and prepare yourself for a career in health sciences.

Medical Office Administration 1A

Medical Office Administration 1A: Introduction

Caring for a patient takes more than a medical degree: it takes a team! In this course, you will build your knowledge of medical terminology, medical office processes, the technology that keeps an office humming, and the laws that keep it operating ethically. You’ll also explore different office roles all while building the beginnings of a portfolio. Let’s march through the waiting room and throw open the doors to a career as a Medical Office Admin today!

Medical Terminology 1B

Medical Terminology 1B: Discovering Word Foundations

Discover the medical terminology associated with even more body systems to increase your ability to master prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Connect this language to real-world patients and clinical settings through practical applications and specific scenarios. Launch your health knowledge with detailed medical terms.

Medical Office Administration 1B

Medical Office Administration 1B: Vital to the Front Office

You have learned some of the basics of what it takes to become a successful medical office administrator, and now, it’s time to grow your understanding even further! In this course, you will complete a deeper dive about the variety of roles available in the medical office along with the skills needed to not only run the front of the office but to excel in the position as well. Finally, you’ll focus on you and how to apply all that you’ve learned to get your foot in the door to begin a career in medical office administration. Let’s get started!

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