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Cursos de Camino a la Carrera de Asistente Administrativo Legal

Business Communications 1A

Business Communications 1A: Introduction

No matter what career you’re planning to pursue, excellent professional communication will be key to your success. Upgrade your abilities in speaking, listening, writing, using and reading body language, and communicating in teams and groups. Discover how to plan, create, and deliver business presentations and communicate through graphics. In no time, you’ll be communicating with confidence, stand out from your peers, and impress your employer.

Legal Admin Specialist 1A

Legal Admin Specialist 1A: Introduction

Do you picture yourself working in a law office or maybe even in a courtroom someday? A rewarding career as a legal administrator means you are responsible for the day-to-day operations in a law firm, and therefore, need to learn the fundamentals of law. You’ll need to understand the specifics of researching, creating, processing, filing legal documents, and more. Jumpstart your career in law by learning what it takes to be a legal admin.

Business Communications 1B

Business Communications 1B: Listen, Speak, & Write in the Workplace

You’ve learned your audience, found your voice, and can read the body’s unspoken words. Now, it’s time to limber up those fingers and learn the P’s and Q’s of communicating in a business setting. In this course, you’re going to take the basic writing skills you’ve developed and revise them so you can take new approaches to planning, building, and distributing documents for a business audience. You’ll continue to explore the essentials of writing while drafting new understandings of business documents, and then you’ll learn to apply your business communication skills to job applications, interviews, and presentations. No matter your career of choice, learning to effectively communicate will help your professionalism grow leaps and bounds. Let’s get writing!

Legal Admin Specialist 1B

Legal Admin Specialist 1B: Taking Care of the Legal Office

Wherever your legal admin career takes you, understanding the responsibilities of a law office requires strict attention to detail, communication skills, office competence, and legal savvy. What does a legal admin need to know and what duties do they perform? How do confidentiality, cybersecurity, and client relations look different in a legal office? Learn the answers to these questions and so much more for this exciting career with endless opportunities to prove your value, learn, and grow.

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