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Cosmetology 2: The Business of Skin and Nail Care

Cosmetología, Esteticista, Peluquero
Unidades del curso de orientación profesional

Unit 1: Working in a Salon

Everyone wants to feel beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great to enter a profession where you can help people look their best? Cosmetology has many areas you can work in to achieve your dreams. Here we will look at some of the basics of becoming a salon professional, from communicating well to keeping the workplace safe. Put your best foot forward as we start our journey behind the scenes in the beauty industry.

Unit 2: Nails: Basics of Fingers & Toes

Many women (and men!) want to have beautiful hands and feet. Think of all the celebrities who show off beautifully manicured fingernails and perfectly pedicured feet. Professional nail care is a huge market, as we all want to look as nice as the rich and famous. Learn the basics of professional nail care, products, and tools, and start on your way to beautifying those toes and fingers. Pick a color, and let’s get started!

Unit 3: Nail Enhancements: From Tips to Wraps

The glamor of nail extensions used to be only for royalty or the extremely wealthy. Now, with newer and more accessible methods for applying long and sculpted nails, ordinary people can have outrageously attractive nails. From “acrylics” to gel and nail wraps, learn how to extend and shape nails for the modern and glamorous clients in your community!

Unit 4: Specialty Treatments

Salons offer all kinds of great services to pamper their customers. But what are these mysterious specialty “spa” services? Extra massage time, paraffin treatments, French manicures, sculpted nails, and nail art, just to name a few! These glorious extras can be for added relaxation, treatment for rough skin, or to achieve extra beauty of the nails. About the ever-popular French manicure—we will teach you how to do that right here. The best part: these extras give you even more chances to not only wow your clients but make extra money too! And after you have pampered your clients, are you up for creating some magnificent nail art? Let your creativity run wild as we learn some more techniques that will dazzle your clients!

Unit 5: Skin Care: Facials

A clear and clean complexion sparkles from a mile away. Learn how to perform facials, and clients will flock to you because you help them reveal their inner beauty on their faces! Facials are relaxing and help people put their best face forward—cleansed and treated, no matter what skin type they have. What are those mysterious products and machines that are used for facials? They are mysteries no longer—you will learn how and why to use the right products and techniques to give a terrific, rejuvenating facial.

Unit 6: Skin Care: Hair Removal

Hair! It can be beautiful or it can be an unwelcome distraction. In a salon, you can have your tresses and locks clipped, curled, dyed, and styled, but most of us also have some stray facial hair we’d rather get rid of. Look no further: the secrets to safe, sanitary, and effective facial hair removal are at your fingertips. Shape those brows, remove stray chin hair, and safely remove that upper lip hair! Clients will love these services and you will be their beauty secret. Facial hair, what facial hair? I never saw a thing!

Unit 7: Skin Care: Makeup for Every Face

Fresh, trendy, and dramatic! Professional makeup application takes practice, but here you will learn the basic techniques to start you on your way. Make any client look like a celebrity with your knowledge of face shapes, contouring, and special eye techniques. With a few colors, the right tools, and your creativity, help everyone feel like a star on the red carpet!

Unit 8: Expanding Your Skills

Ready, set, go! Are you ready to take the next step towards a career as a cosmetologist? Read on and you will find everything you need to know about getting the right training, studying for your licensure exam, and working on getting your first job! Prepare to put your best foot—and hand, and face—forward to get ready for success in the beauty profession!

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